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William Tuma has combined the art and science of astrology with the benefits of cognitive-behavioral therapy to help any individual lead a healthier and more productive life.

Astrology is a tool to help a person attain a better understanding of who they really are. Through the use of astrology, William has developed a way for any individual to gain true self awareness  by revealing aspects of their personality that are not always evident to them.

He can then help the person develop a better understanding why the individual feels the way they do and act upon though feelings. He can determine the underlying subconscious motivational forces that are mapped out in the birth chart. After bringing these forces to the surface he can then help a person see any destructive negative aspects that are the underlying cause of any emotional disharmony within themselves. This personalized astrology reading will then set up the framework for the individuals therapy.

During face to face sessions, William will examine the cosmic influences when you were born and during major life events, along with your own unique behavioral conditioning. Both will be considered to determine the true motivations that lie beneath ones thinking and consequent actions. Examination any unwanted patterns of behavior that are counter-productive or interferes with everyday living.

This is attained through the use of action-oriented cognitive-behavioral therapy to help reduce maladaptive, or faulty, thinking patterns that cause maladaptive behavior and "negative" emotions.

By taking the age old discipline of astrology and joining it with some of the recent dynamics of behavioral therapy, he can help a person discover ways to channel and control these powerful forces to help one to become a healthier, more productive individual. Both positive as well as negative life energies will be examined and integrated to create a more harmonious sense of self awareness.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is an approach that aims to influence problematic and dysfunctional thoughts and emotions. These thoughts and emotions, left untreated can lead to destructive behaviors.

The behavioral therapies that William uses are alternate therapies that I have found work best within an astrological framework for cognitive change. Methods of treatment will be determined that will help to facilitate change in the individual’s thoughts (cognitive patterns), in order to change his or her behavior and overall emotional state.

The goal in this kind of my work is to identify negative feelings, through the birth chart, unlock the underlying cause of these emotions and bring them out in the open through intense therapy. By doing so cognitive change can occur.

In addition to traditional cognitive behavioral therapy, William may also include aversion therapy, rational emotive therapy, life trap awareness, discipline therapy, cognitive formation therapy, psychodrama and relaxation techniques.

True knowledge of oneself is the first step towards real and positive change.

Through the integration of these two disciplines I can help a person live up to their full potential as well as reconnect with the universal energy forms that are shaping your life.

Note - Repeated sessions (4 to 5 on average) would be necessary to fully examine the underlying conditions at play and determine the necessary action needed to help a person maintain a harmonious therapeutic balance.



History of AstroTherapy


Astrotherapy had its true beginnings with Carl Jung, a student and protégé of Sigmund Freud, the father of psychoanalysis. Jung developed his theory of synchronicity, which basically states that two or more events that may appear to be casually unrelated are really occurring together in a meaningful manner. In order to count as synchronicity, the events should be relatively unlikely to occur together by chance. This theory implies that just as events can be grouped together by their cause, they may also be grouped by their meaning.

The way all of this relates to astrology is simple. Jung studied the subject of astrology and saw that the horoscope demonstrated synchronicity. He saw the correlation of the planets in the natal chart (the planets in the heavens) and the basic framework of the persons psyche. Jung was amazed that an individual’s horoscope coincided with the overall personality and character traits. He even wrote that “Astrology represents the summation of all psychological knowledge of antiquity.”

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar, began integrating Jungian psychology into his own astrological practice in the 1930’s. In his watershed book “The Astrology of Personality” he explained and examined a psychological approach to astrology. He was the first of a group of astrologers that began looking at astrology as less of a clinical study and more as a tool of constructive change.

In the 1960s psychotherapy began to become a lot more humane in nature. Up until this time psychotherapy, like astrology, had concentrated on the pathology of the patient and did little to help them deal with their psychological and emotional problems. Consequently a more humanistic approach to psychotherapy came into being.

Along the same time the term humanistic astrology was beginning to be used as a term to describe an astrological approach that was geared to helping a person create a happier and more fulfilling life.

A new generation of astrologers helped to pioneer humanistic astrology. Stephen Arroyo Liz Greene and Robert Hand were among the many that spearheaded the humanistic movement and essentially remade astrology in the 1970s.

Humanistic astrology gained strength and popularity in the decades to come, giving astrologers a better understanding of the direct connection between the horoscope and the individual psyche.

Out of all of this came Astrotherapy. This new term was created to give a name for this relatively new blending of psychotherapy and astrology. Self transformation is the key element in astrotherapy. The goal of the discipline is self actualization. Complete knowledge of oneself. After all knowledge is power, the power to change.



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