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What 's a Horoscope?

A horoscope, or natal chart is a two dimensional map showing the precise positions of the Sun, Moon, and the planets in our solar system at the exact moment of the persons birth. This is photo of the sky when one is born is what an astrologer uses to analyze a person's personality. This analysis shows the traits attributes, and characteristics that made a person what they are. It includes the good as well as the bad.

The natal chart shows the natural inclinations that an individual has, as well as the lessons to be learned and the issues that have to be dealt with in this lifetime. The horoscope also gives info on the kind of life energies a person has and how these energies could be used for both the positive as well as the negative

The real purpose then of the chart and its interpretation is to show how a person can gain a better understanding of themselves to create a more productive, healthier and happier existence.




The Sun and the Moon

In astrology the Sun and the Moon are two of the most important parts of the natal chart. Both are extremely significant because they provide much information on the basic makeup of an individual. Their placement in the natal chart can indicate some significant aspects of ones over-all personality.

The sign that an individuals Sun was in at the time of their birth is the most significant aspect of the natal chart. The Sun is the basis of our life here on earth. We could not exist without it. In astrology the Sun represents the very core of our existence. The Sun sign describes ones basic reaction to life. It is our true inner essence. The Sun in the natal chart also indicates what a person is striving to become. On the other hand, the Moon represents what one may be striving to overcome. The Moon is that part of our nature that can be hidden from others. Those aspects of our personality that we may not be totally aware of.

What the Sun represents would be meaningless if not for the polarizing and modifying influence of the Moon. All of life and everything relating to it is a direct result of the interplay between these two luminaries.

The Sun is the conscious side of ones personality, while the Moon is the subconscious. The Moon represents feelings and emotions that are deeply rooted in our psyche. The compulsive side of mans' nature is part of his lunar make-up. A persons instinctive reaction to any given situation is usually based on ones Moon sign.

In many ways the Moon symbolizes our own image and awareness of ourselves based on past conditioning. That is why the Moon represents those modes of behavior that we feel most secure and comfortable with. Those feelings that make us feel good. The Moon depicts those emotional karmic patterns that help or inhibit us in our solar self-expression.

The Moon is symbolic of the female principle in nature. It governs conception, pregnancy and birth. It represents the mother and the early childhood conditioning we receive when we are most impressionable. The Moon rules the home, family, traditional values, and the entire domes-tic sphere.

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